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Warrior Men

America Needs All Her Strong Men More Than Ever Before.

We Are Our Woman's Desire. 

We Are Our Child's Hope.

Let Us Fight To Be The Best For Them.

Anything worth having is worth fighting for, and brother, nothing comes easy in this journey we call life.  Does it?  

Relationships.  Wealth.  Health.  Purpose.  Skills.  We wrestle with these things every single day we are alive. We block, jab, punch, kick and fight.  We must do everything we can to win - for them.

Men have been given unique gifts to meet this challenge.  We have the ability to learn, adapt, struggle and grow incrementally every day.  It takes work. It takes discipline. It takes integrity.

Three unpopular words in our soft American culture.  It is easier with accountability.  Yet, another unpopular word.

Life is too short to go it alone. 

I'm Glen Evans. Since I was a young man, I have admired the idea of the warrior. I believe every man has the core DNA of the warrior. One who lives by a set of values, principles, and ideals - a code or ethos - that guides him through life. I believe God designed men for battle - spiritual and physical. He has given us strength to be used as protectors, the constitution to withstand stress, and testosterone to turn aggressive when necessary.

I have lived out my life in the profession of a peace officer. Recently, I acquired skills in firefighting and EMS. This is a natural extension of my personality and desire to serve and help protect my community from danger, and to teach others to protect themselves against dangerous people.

I am a Christ follower, but in a non-traditional way.  I don't like to follow rules or to bend to the will of those who wish to control me. My content is from the prism or filter of my Christian beliefs and it informs my life and gives me meaning and purpose.

In addition to my career, I am also pursuing the path of achieving a Masters In Marriage & Family Counseling, as well as dealing with the issues of PTSD and Mental Health.

I create content focused on helping men become better, as I pursue this task of self improvement with you.  

I invite you to join WarriorMen.com.  It is free to join.  Set up a profile, connect with others.

Why You Should Join Warrior Men

The warrior is the design of men.  We are designed to protect others. Our country needs men of all races and creeds who are strong and have the courage to fight for America's ideals. Together.

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